Becoming a Driving Instructor

Qualifying Process in 3 Stages

Part-One comprises a theory test of 100 questions divided into 4 different set topics of 25 questions per topic, minimum pass mark is 80% in each topic however no less than 85% is required overall to pass. Combined with a hazard perception test requiring a score of 57 out of 75. Both parts must be passed at the same time.

2011 Part-One test fee at time of writing is £90

Part-Two is an advanced driving test lasting 1 hour and among other things will test your defensive driving approach, attitude & courtesies to other road users and vehicle handling control and use of eco-friendly driving techniques, and also manoeuvring. You will also have to answer some questions about basic operation of your vehicle (Show Me/Tell Me), and carryout an eyesight test in this exam. You will be limited to three attempts at this part of the examination qualifying process, if you fail 3 times you will need to wait for two years from the date that you passed Part-One of the qualifying process before you can start again, at the beginning.

2011 Part- Two test fee at time of writing is £111

Part-Three is a practical test of your ability to instruct in which you need to demonstrate your ability to assess and correct (simulated) driving errors. Like Part-Two you are only allowed three attempts after which you will need to wait for 2 years and start again with Part-One. Part-Three uses “role-play” to test the PDI’s ability in which the SE-ADI will role play two different learners / drivers at different stages of training, your task will be to sort out any problems exhibited and develop new skills. The test is split into two ‘phases’ each lasting about twenty-five minutes, during the first phase the examiner will play the role of a beginner learner with little or no experience of the subject that you asked to teach. During the second phase the examiner will play the role of a pupil nearing test standard with some prior knowledge / experience of the set subject. You will be assessed on your ability to match your instruction to the level of the pupils who are portrayed, observe and correct any errors and maintain a safe controlled learning environment.

2011 Part-Three test fee at time of writing is £111

You will need to pass all three exams completing the whole examination process within two years of passing the Part-One otherwise you will need to start again from the beginning.

When qualified you will need to pay a registration fee every four years to the DSA, which at the time of writing (2011) is £300.

See ADI Test Fees:

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