Becoming a Driving Instructor

Legal Requirements

You must not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the 4 years prior to registration. If you have 6 or more penalty points on your license you may be refused entry to the register, however each individual case is judged on its own merit.

Before registering as a PDI (Provisional Driving Instructor) any convictions motoring and non-motoring will be considered by the DSA, when your suitability for registration is assessed. This will be followed by a criminal record check, the information from this will be used to assess your suitability for registration.

After registering as a PDI you will need to pass the qualifying practical exams within two years of passing the theory exam. And finally you will need to apply for registration within 12 months of passing the final part 3 practical exam of instructional ability.

Applying – you will need to apply for an ADI13 starter pack by calling the DSA and ordering over the telephone. Purchase can be by credit or debit card or alternatively you can write to DSA at their address requesting an ADI13 pack enclosing a cheque.
2011 Initial registration fee at time of writing is £5

When completing your application character references will be required from two people who know you well, and will be prepared to vouch for you when approached by the Registrar.

For more information go to the website address below:

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