Daniel Kayley successfully trained me to qualify as an A.D.I.

When I originally thought about training to become an A.D.I., I did a lot of investigation work, checking out all of the big companies, and after much deliberation chose to train with Dan because I was impressed by his qualifications, his level of knowledge and enthusiasm, and it was a good decision!

Due to the fact I had a full time job, my training took me two and half years to complete and qualify.  It was hard work, but it has paid off and now I am running my own successful driving school, and really enjoying my job.

During that time, Dan, was always very professional, he has a pleasant and patient manner and listened to me when I wanted to put my point of view across.

Communication was always very good, and I always understood what my objectives were for each lesson, and these were usually met.  Dan always gave me  the opportunity to ask questions, about anything that I needed clarification upon.  He also made himself available by email, for any further queries I may have had.

The standard of the course was excellent, Dan’s knowledge is very extensive and he made sure that the knowledge and skills I required to qualify, were all imparted to me, over the period of my training.

Dan is a person of great integrity and very honest, a lot of my lessons exceeded the times that  I had paid for, because Dan was so enthusiastic about teaching me.  The training was always centred around me and my needs.  To aid my learning Dan gave me complimentary use of his video’s and CD’s regarding A.D.I. training on the “preset” tests, which saved me a lot of money.  In with the cost of my course Dan provided me with all of the books required for my training as a P.D.I. and are still in use  since I have qualified as an A.D.I.

Dan was flexible about fitting in my lessons, as I had a full time job to train around.  Dan was able to pinpoint my areas of weakness, so that these could be improved upon.  Dan also gave me lots of praise and encouragement for the things I did well, which boosted my confidence tremendously, and took me through to success.

As a mature student, my training may have cost me a bit more, due to the fact that my driving was not at a very high standard, because when I took my original “L” test, standards were not set as high as they are today.  This proves an “old dog can learn new tricks”.


Focus Driver Training Ltd helped me pass my check test

A very helpful instructor with exceptional knowledge, helped me pass my check test.

Teresa Nightingale – March 2014